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Group Tuition

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Individual tuition      Stuart Adamson        Mel Mallen
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Pic Blanc

Masterclass in Alpe d'Huez - WHERE we Ski  

We work in Alpe d’Huez because we believe that it offers the best teaching terrain anywhere in the world, both for skiing and boarding. Whatever your standard - from the gentle green bowl at the foot of the mountain to bumps on Signal or a little powder on Saracen (weather permitting) all can be accessed within minutes allowing you to maximise your time in the lesson and not on the lifts.

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Evening skiing on Signal hill
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Snow cannons 
Alpe d’Huez also boasts some of the most stunning and widespread skiing in the Alps, from trips to alpine villages for a hearty lunch to the 16 km Sarenne black run starting from Pic Blanc at 3300 metres. With a good snow record and generally good weather what better place for a ski holiday.

During 2004 the Marmotte lift system was extended to the Glacier de Sarenne at 3060 metres, allowing access to very high blue & red runs on the Glacier, with the option of either descending the Marmotte lift, or skiing the Sarenne 16km black run.  During 2005 the number of snow cannons have been significantly increased, especially down to Villard Reculas.

Alpe d'Huez is served by 4 airports and 45 minutes from mainline services at Grenoble.  It even has its own small airport.
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Pic Blanc & Alpe d'Huez

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main blue runs 

Alpe d'Huez has 117 marked pistes comprising 40 Greens, 31 Blues, 30 Reds & 15 Blacks, all served by 87 ski lifts, 700 snow cannons & 26 snowmobiles.  

There are 20 plus sunny & warm cosy mountain restaurants on the ski slopes for lunch, a glass of hot wine or beer, and the occasional Genepy, etc.

Later in the season the Marmottes come out from hibernation and can sometimes be seen on newly exposed slopes.

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Pic Blanc & Marmotte 3 

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 Lac Blanc restaurant
& accommodation

WHERE Masterclass meet

We meet at the Lac Blanc restaurant, near the start of the main DMC gondolas.  
The first lessons of the day usually meet at 9.25am, except for Sundays when we meet at 9.55am. 
See  'X'  on the schematic map for Lac Blanc location:

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we meet at X - Lac Blanc

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Lac Blanc restaurant

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Skiers of all ages at the Lac Blanc restaurant
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Alpe d'Huez street map - 2011 
 pdf  (1200k)
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Alpe d'Huez piste map - 2006 - (400k)
Alpe d'Huez piste map - 2011 - (800k)


for more info / details of Masterclass Ski School,  email:  Stuart Adamson   - : Phone / Fax   0033 (0) 476 809383   /  Mob  0033 (0) 679 673456
or:  Mel Mallen   - : Mob  0033 (0) 615 462428 

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